The artistic themes explored and represented by The Distorted Frame Art Gallery are mainly concerned with:

  • Futurist interpretations of our world.
  • Nature and the natural world under threat.
  • Abstraction and Surrealism as a creative journey for its own sake and other works of an esoteric and varied nature. 
Adrian Dyson, Director/Artist, The Distorted Frame Art Gallery
The images above may be ordered as Giclée prints on archival paper framed or unframed.
Dimensions of prints are proportional to paper size A4 - A1.

What to add,what to take away, what to keep

The handcrafted method of producing this artwork belies the conceptual intent. In its evolution the image developed a simultaneous masculinity and obvious femininity. The duality that emerged plays into the overarching theme of transhumanism.

Human morphology entails a repositioning of conventional expectations relating to the human form as a step toward a new reality. This proposal embraces a state of being beyond a conventional cognitive and physiological profile predetermined by the natural world.


The image of the “EXISTENTIAL DYSTOPIAN FLIGHTLESS BIRD” is intended to convey a morphing of natural and unnatural forms as a means of describing futurist thinking in relation to evolution and synthetic life.

As the world is denatured and science and technology transform our possible future, the need for creating new forms of interactive beings and environments may become a substantial reality. Social divisions will become even more acutely defined along technological lines.

For physical and psychological security new realities will emerge that become the new norm in a bifurcated world of the wealthy tech natives and the rest.

Yet unimagined assistants will enhance living environments and replace creatures lost to a depleted planet. High tech environments psychologically underpinned by simulacrums of a lost world.


There is a clear relationship between Art and Jewellery.

Jewellery is in many ways a form of sculpture; form, scale, colour and the harmonising of elements all contribute to artful outcomes.

So! THE DISTORTED FRAME embraces jewellery as an art form and the designs absolutely reflect this view.
Adrian Dyson is a member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.
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